Специальные провода и кабели, как правило, стандартизированы

In recent years, optical fiber composite phase wires have begun to be applied in my country. Some domestic manufacturers have also developed optical fiber composite phase wire products, and they are operating in a small amount on 10 kV and 35 kV lines, and are currently being used on 110 kV lines. However, at present, optical fiber composite phase wires at home and abroad are generally designed and tested with reference to the standards of conductors and optical fiber composite overhead ground wires (OPGW). There is no authoritative and recognized national or industry standard. Inspection and other aspects have not been uniformly standardized. With the progress of society, the power grid construction will develop in the direction of high voltage and large capacity in the future. The structure of special wires and cables must meet the requirements of advanced, applicability and reliability of different voltage levels. The formulation and revision of the standard should comprehensively consider the opinions of the operation, research, design and manufacturing departments, and take into account the needs of design, construction, maintenance and manufacturing, and fully reflect the scientificity and rationality. The formulation and revision of standards should take into account not only system safety and reliability, but also resource saving and environmental friendliness, so as to form a practical, scientific and rigorous, complete and comprehensive standardization system. Standardization work should also adapt to the development of special optical cables, and establish and improve the standardization system. In particular, UHV lines have large capacity, long distances, and more complex environments, which require standards to be able to adapt to the requirements of UHV environments.

Special wires and cables in the power system are developing rapidly, and more than 100,000 kilometers of special optical cable lines are put into construction every year. The UHV AC and DC demonstration projects all use fiber-optic composite overhead ground wires. The performance and quality of special wires and cables are directly related to the safe and stable operation of the power grid. However, due to the relatively short application time of special wire and cable products in my country, the standard quantity and type can not meet the needs of current production and operation, and there are still shortcomings in the standardization of special wire and cable products in China.

Special wires and cables and their installation accessories (hardware, joint boxes, etc.) have not yet formed a complete standardized system from Производство специальных кабелей по индивидуальному заказу, design, testing and testing to project bidding, construction, and acceptance. The types of special wires and cables in China are complex, and the models of special wires and cables for each line and even each section of the line under the same voltage level are different, and there is no relatively uniform type spectrum. This is not conducive to the design, production, maintenance and deployment of the project, resulting in higher design, production and engineering costs, and also causing inconvenience and waste in project construction.

The UHV AC and DC demonstration lines have been and will be put into operation. On the basis of actual operation, corresponding design, production and operation standards should be formulated for future UHV projects. The investment in the field of basic research on special wires and cables should be increased to meet the needs of new technologies, new varieties, new products and new problems of special wires and cables, and to meet the needs of the rapid development of special wires and cables. Opportunity to conduct in-depth research on various properties and application technologies of special wires and cables, form new research results in the field of special wires and cables into corresponding standards as soon as possible, and gradually increase my country's international influence in the field of standardization of special wires and cables, so that my country's standardization system ranks among the top world-leading